Wednesday, April 20, 2016

● NYC, You've Failed Us!


NYC, You've Failed Us!

New York City, you’ve disappointed your own state and the nation, if not the world. Now, the cities in New York state are more conservative and less informed than the rest of the state? New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester failed Tuesday.

Hillary is the most hawkish candidate, even more than Trump or Cruz. Her record is clear. She is a warmongering corporate politician who is against progressive policies. You can’t both claim to be liberal and simultaneously support Hillary. Yes, she can be effective and get the job done for her donors, but not for the public.

Throughout her career she has been wrong. While Bernie marched with Martin Luther King Jr., she campaigned for Goldwater. She has campaigned for some of the worst policy decisions since Jim Crow. From mass incarceration, the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, to NAFTA, she has been wrong and behind. She only came out for gay marriage after it became embarrassing for her not to. She has been wrong or behind on the issues throughout her career. She’s not a leader.

All the polls show Bernie as being more electable nationally. So, even in terms of strategy, it’s a fail.

Sure, voting for Hillary is understandable when you have no other choice. But, this time we had another choice, and we failed.

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