Wednesday, July 30, 2014

● Nowhere To Run

Nowhere To Run ☠
   * Nowhere To Hided *
Israel sends messages to warn the people of Gaza, of Israeli Bombing, and then Israel bombs the areas of refuge. They claim they've hit all of their intended targets with precision. Now we know what their targets are, mainly, the innocent, mostly children, and very few are even suspects of any kind. But, the larger picture is, that Palestinians have been under a daily brutal and violent oppression from Israel for decades. And, it is the oppressed who have the moral and legal right to resist their oppressors, not the other way around. World opinion and international law are with Palestine. Americans urgently need to join the rest of the world in demanding a ceasefire. Israel is wiping Palestine off the map, right before our eyes, while claiming to be the victims of the rare and pitiful backlash of their own violence.

"They Thought They’d Be Safe. They Were Wrong":
  20 Gazans Killed in Israeli Bombing of U.N. Shelter  ☠

☼ Peace and ceasefire agreements require an ending of the siege on Gaza and a removal of the illegal settlements in the West Bank. Israel has never been able to comply. American tax dollars are sent to Israel for the purpose of purchasing arms from U.S. weapons manufacturers. It is a business, the U.S. corporate media will not report. We need to stop supporting the massacre, and demand peace now!

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