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● 2017 Dumb All Over [ Ep.49 ]

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   [ Year in Review...ish ]  
Dumb All Over :  A little Podcast with brash opinions on politics, religion, pop culture, and a love of craft beer! [Listener Discretion is Required]

Dumb All Over, the perfect name for a podcast at the dawn (and hopefully soon to be the dusk) of Trumpism. For an hour distraction (reminder) from the horrors of our times, put down all preconceived notions & socially accepted inhibitions, and listen to Tom and Austin banter away the bad. ...and give hope to our post-dystopian future. Best taken with their choice of craft beer. 🍺

2017: A Dumb All Over Year in Review...ish  [ Ep.49 ]
Published Dec. 29, 2017 A Dumb All Over Year in Review
[ Recorded 2017/12/27 ]  blogtalkradio . . . 
2017: A Dumb All Over Year in Review...ish [ Ep.49 ]
The last show of 2017 Tom and Austin talk about their thoughts on this past year. 

It's been quite a crazy year, but despite many of the horrible things that have happened, we are very happy to have found a great podcast community. They also invite some old "guests" back on the show and also listen to what Pastor Manning has to say about the end of the Obama administration.

Beer [ Episode 049 ]
🍺 Tröegs Mad Elf: The Grand Crul

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