Saturday, September 26, 2020

● From Now Until November

📊 From now until November, 
when all the votes are counted, we cannot rest.  We can’t spend one minute thinking Republicans won’t do the worst possible thing imaginable.  If we can face hard truths and take action, there’s a slight possibility we won’t lose what little democracy we have. 

Trump has clearly stated he will not step down.  He’s doing everything he can to create chaos at the polls and with the Post Office.  He plans to do what he said he will do, throw out the ballots.  Far-right lawyers will give it an air of legitimacy.  It will go to the Supreme Court, and they’ll pull a 2000 on us.  If he gets away with it this time, he will just keep doing it, if for no other reason, to avoid jail time once out of office.  Anyone who helps him will keep helping him, for that same reason.  And, some will help him.  We can’t afford to delude ourselves. 

If Trump continues to stay in power, he’s not leaving, and it will be all of our faults, not no one’s fault.  For instance, the best way to win is to bring out the young vote, except they want a progressive, and they know Biden is a corporatist.  Centrists decided to repeat 2016, by pandering to the right, and ignoring the left, hence depressing the vote on the left.  On the other hand, progressives who wanted a stronger candidate should face the fact that #BernieWouldHaveWon the primary if it wasn’t for #DemEXIT.  Anyone, who had the ability to register and vote for Bernie and didn’t, is in part to blame.  DemEXIT hands power to corporatists in the Primary and fascists in the General.  It may be understandable, it may be cathartic, but it is nothing more than an exercise in futility and disempowerment.  Suggesting a 3rd party has a chance in this election, is not a serious argument.  Voting is just one tool that can work, it’s not about identity, unless we’re narcissists. 

This is not about shaming, it’s about the best strategy considering the predicament we’re in.  We have to mobilize Zoomers to vote against fascism, so that we have time to organize.  From AOC to Cori Bush, we just voted in a dozen progressives, while taking out a dozen corporatists.  This trend will be crushed under fascism.  Organizers are already being kidnapped off the streets into unmarked vans.  We are just beginning to organize, but we are nowhere near ready to fight a fascist dictatorship.  If we want any semblance of democracy, we need Trump out of office.  If it’s close, Trump will be able to steal it.  He may be an idiot, but this he knows.  We shouldn’t be calm.  Unless you’re already packing your bags, we need to be obsessing about winning. 
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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist  

#ResistTheCorporatists  @uResist
 When The Loser Takes Office 
                No One Wins  
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