Saturday, October 15, 2011

● Occupy Wall Street Wins This Round

Occupy Wall Street Wins This Round

Occupy Wall Street Wins This Round For The 99%

Occupy Wall Street: WE ARE THE 99% Demonstrators rally against Wall Street's role in bringing on the economic crisis by standing their (our) ground in Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park, Wall Street area), New York City. With picket signs, posters, petitions, music, drumming, and chanting, peaceful protesters demand accountability from the wall street financial firms, which not only caused but benefited from the economic crash they levied on society.

One woman holds up the book “Confidence Men” by the Pulitzer Prize winning author/journalist Ron Suskind, as she tells passersby to, "read it, it's dynamite." Suskind asserts that, “gaining trust without earning it, is the age-old work of confidence men.” Suskind relates the current economic crisis to the 1929 crash on Wall Street, quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt in his famous first inaugural speech about the irresponsible bankers of his time, “faced by a failure of credit... ...they know only the rules of a generation of self-seekers.”

An OWS protester describes police brutality the morning of the scheduled "park cleaning." "They actually were running people over in the streets with mopeds. One gentleman, one officer of the law (NYPD) actually ran over a guy with a moped and punched him in the face at the same time. They took out batons, they arrested a few people. One guy got his kneecap broken." But then... "They realized we were too great in numbers." - ows demonstrator

In the morning of October 14th, 2011 the demonstrators cheer as the "park cleaning" (NYC Bloomberg's excuse for evacuation) is called off for now. More than a thousand people began flooding into the park at 4:AM to stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters for the benefit of the 99%. As one demonstrator put it, "This has gone viral."

Join us! ...because you already are what we are, the 99%


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