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Monday, May 8, 2017

● Dumb All Over [ Podcast ]

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   [  D.A.O. ]  
Dumb All Over :  A little Podcast with brash opinions on politics, religion, pop culture, and a love of craft beer! [Listener Discretion is Required]

Dumb All Over, the perfect name for a podcast at the dawn (and hopefully soon to be the dusk) of Trumpism. For an hour distraction (reminder) from the horrors of our times, put down all preconceived notions & socially accepted inhibitions, and listen to Tom and Austin banter away the bad. ...and give hope to our post-dystopian future. Best taken with their choice of craft beer. 🍺
Category: News & Politics
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Published May 05, 2017 HELPLESSLY HOPING
[Episode 015] with Kurt Riebel of uResist

This week: [ May 01, 2017]
  • Who will run against Trump in 2020? 
  • Will Trump even be running in 2020? 
  • Answers to DAO’s audience Twitter questions 
  • Pastor Manning on Kellyanne Conway 
  • The budget passed to keep the Government open... ...for now.
  • A guest appearance by Kurt Riebel of uResist
Beer [Episode 015]
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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist 

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● The Intercept_

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           [  In_ ]
█ The Intercept_ is an online publication dedicated to producing fearless, adversarial journalism. Driven by the belief that journalism should bring transparency and accountability to powerful governmental and corporate institutions. The Intercept’s journalists have the editorial freedom and legal support to pursue this mission.

Cybersecurity for the People: 
   How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest
Cybersecurity for the People: 
   How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest
Planning on going to a protest? You might not be aware that just by showing up, you can open yourself up to certain privacy risks — police often spy on protesters, and the smartphones they carry, and no matter how peaceful the demonstration, there’s always a chance that you could get detained or arrested, and your devices could get searched.

Prepare your phone before you go to a protest to safely communicate with your friends and document the event, and know what to do if you get detained or arrested.

Whether your private conversations are personal, professional, or political, what you say or type into your phone may be of interest to snooping governments, both foreign and domestic.

Fortunately, privacy is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, most ways that people communicate with their phones — voice calls, SMS messages, email, Facebook, Skype, Hangouts, etc. — are not as private as you might think.

But it’s possible to make sure that your private conversations are actually private. It starts with installing an app known as Signal, and getting your friends to install it too.

More detailed instructions for using Signal can be found on our website at:

Micah Lee (, Cybersecurity for the People offers tips for protecting your online privacy. We’ll cover encrypted messaging apps, passwords, whistleblowing, and more.

The Intercept is an investigative nonprofit news organization dedicated to producing fearless, adversarial journalism. We believe journalism should bring transparency and accountability to powerful governmental and corporate institutions.


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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


 Private power . . . 
  has usurped our government. 
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The corporate form has evolved into something quite different from it’s beginnings. Today, the largest corporations receive huge subsidies, while paying next to nothing in taxes. Our tax system, by the way, is very progressive only up to about one million per year. After that it drops, so that billionaires pay nothing. Our system is regressive at the top, therefore it’s regressive overall. The public pays for research and development, and as soon as the technology becomes profitable, it’s handed over to big business for free. We pay and they profit. From aviation, computers, the internet, and cell phones, these all have taken decades (30 years each) of publicly funded research and development. They get it for free (or in exchange for campaign donations/bribes), they profit, and receive far more subsidies than they ever pay in taxes. We pay to develop new technology, and then we pay again to use it. They receive the returns on our investment. What ever happened to their bootstraps?

With all of their unfair advantages, they easily destroy medium & small businesses and real jobs, as if they never existed in the first place. And, most of the jobs created by big business do not pay enough to support a single person, let alone families. The corporate hierarchy is as extreme as any totalitarian state, with all of the power at the top. After decades of over regulating the middle class and poor, while deregulating big business, we’ve ended up with corporations more powerful than most countries, virtually above the law. Fines are not frequent or large enough to be deterrents. Externalities require the public to pay most damages. They influence elections and have acquired the rights of immortal persons. They are undemocratic and unaccountable. We need to hold them accountable.

History has given us clear examples of what works and what doesn’t work. The economy we have now is as reckless as the economy leading up to the Great Depression. The New Deal regulations saved the economy after the Great Depression and gave us a stable economy up until the Reagan Revolution destroyed it. We are still fully in the grips of Friedmanism. The policies of John Maynard Keynes gave us a strong middle class and five decades of no crashes on Wall Street, while Milton Friedman’s policies have given us three and a half  decades of one disaster after another. Conservatives still push for more austerity, privatization and deregulation, but:
“Milton Friedman's misfortune is that his economic policies have been tried.” – John Kenneth Galbraith 
This would all be common knowledge, if the private media had an interest to inform the public. Even the left wing of the corporate media has corporate (in other words, right wing) interests at it’s core. The Orwellian framing of the establishment media as a liberal media, urges the public to act against their own interests. Progressives understand this, but Republicans and Centrist Corporate Democrats are still deluded by the corporate propaganda of the corporate media.
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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist  

#PeacefulProtest #LoveTrumpsHate #NotMyPresident #ResistTrump #Resist @uResist

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

☯ Silence Is Dangerous

Where do we go from here?

              This election hit me hard. I had planned on writing a piece about what strategy Progressives should take when dealing with a center-right Clinton Administration. Needless to say, that piece went straight out the window around 9:30ish Tuesday night. 11/8/2016. It's a night I don't think I'll ever forget. I sat and watched in horror as the most dangerous demagogue to ever run for President of the United States received the necessary number of electoral college votes to claim the office. I honestly couldn't believe it was happening. How could we elect this spray tan monster to the highest office in the country, and arguably the most powerful position in the world? I'm still not quite sure.

               To be honest, this whole election cycle was about so much more than a Trump victory and a Clinton loss. This election was about lies, manipulation, hate, fear, anger, ignorance, and hubris. The thing that really stood out to me, maybe above all else, was the stunning way in which the Democratic Party simply ignored the voices of millions of people. They did this willfully and with full knowledge of what they were doing. They thought they could coast to victory on rhetoric about Donald Trump, while intentionally not discussing or highlighting policy. Some of the reason they may have done that is because half of Clinton's policies would have been very beneficial to party and financial elites. I'm positive she would have pushed for TPP, and more intervention in relation to foreign policy.

               Countless pieces have been written about the policies of the Clinton campaign and the horrifying and non-existent policies of the Trump campaign (now administration, I suppose) so I don't want to relitigate the election. I want to focus on where we go from here. After a couple of days of wallowing in the mire of the reality of th situation, I began to see small slivers of hope in the future. This is not the way I hoped things would have played out, but I do believe there can be a small island of good in this ocean of darkness.

First: let's dismantle the establishment of the Democratic Party and rebuild it. The Clintons, and even Obama (to an extent) have spent 20 years talking the party to the right. That time has now passed. Their way was an abject failure. There is no way around that truth for the remains of the party now, so this is our time to change it.
Second: We need to organize and make our voices heard. There is one truth that rings louder now than ever before: SILENCE IS DANGEROUS. We cannot be silent. Every group that is non- white, male, or christian is going to be under vicious attack and we cannot stand by and allow it to happen. We need to continue to protest, we need to continue to speak out, but most of all we need to get out and fucking VOTE. Vote for progressives in local, state, and national election. If you can, go out and run for something. Work to change local governance, and work to build a real progressive movement to take back the Congress in 2018, and the White house in 2020.
Third: This is the most important one, get money out of politics. Real change will be  nearly impossible as long as there is an unlimited flow of money into politics. Trump has said he wants to "drain the cesspool" of corruption in Washington, but anyone with half a brain knows he won't do a damn thing about it, but we can do something about it. We can change the status quo. For more in depth information and an action plan visit .

              Of course, I am sure many people have a million other valid ideas as well, these are just a launching point. I find them to be a good motivator to keep me from losing sight of the goal of a more fair and just society.

              Now that all of that is out of the way I want to leave you with these thoughts. This is going to be a tough time for those of us who do not fall into the traditional power group of white christian men. It is also going to be hell for anyone with a conscience, but life does indeed go on. This whole election and its aftermath have reminded me how much I love this country and how much I hurt when it doesn't live up to the ideals I have always attributed to it.

               I want everyone to remember how powerful love is. No matter how much hate is thrown our way, we must continue to love one another. To those in the African American community, I love you and will stand proudly with you as we go through these next few years. To those in the LGBTQ community, I love you and will stand and fight with you to make sure you keep your rights and are respected as you deserve. To the Hispanic and Latino community, of which I am a member, we must stand together with the other communities and I believe they will stand with us, because they love us too. Together we can persevere, we can be the change that we so desire. Together we can make the world a little less dim.

As a parting gift, I'll leave you with my favorite scene from Synecdoche, New York. I'm not sure why, but it always makes me feel better.

Funeral Monologue : Synecdoche, New York
Funeral Monologue from Synecdoche, New York

Post by: Austin Colón: musician, activist, freelance writer

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

● Who To Blame for Trump


#WhoToBlame #2016

Who To Blame for Trump: in order . . .
  1. GOP & the donor class - obviously
  2. The Corporate Media - for its corporate bias
  3. Republican Voters - obviously
  4. liberal non-voters - for masking laziness with self-righteousness *
  5. conservative non-voters - for having opinions
  6. The DNC - for sabotaging their best candidate
  7. Centrist Democratic Voters in the primaries - for ignoring the issues, strategy, and what it means to be liberal
  8. conservative 3rd party voters - for voting while not believing in it
  9. liberal 3rd party voters (in swing states) - for feeling good about doing nothing to stop this tragedy on the one day they could’ve done something
  10. ourselves - for not doing enough
* If you’re in a non-swing-state, that’s
  understandable. But, a Green Party
  vote, in that case, would make more
  of a statement, than doing nothing.
* If you don't believe in voting, you're

Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist

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Monday, November 7, 2016

● Progressives: Right in the Primaries, Wrong on the 8th

Yes democratic progressives, you were right during the primaries. You were right to vote for Bernie Sanders, both on the issues and strategically. We know now and we knew at the time, that the polls showed that Bernie would do better than Hillary in the general election against Trump. If independents could’ve voted, Bernie would’ve won. If Bernie had gotten half the media time as Hillary or Trump, Bernie would’ve won. If the democratic party didn’t funnel money and resources (designated for both campaigns) to Hillary, Bernie would’ve won. If the democratic party didn’t sabotage Bernie’s campaign, he would’ve won. I agree with Jill Stein on practically every issue. I voted for her (in a non-swing-state) in 2012. Yes, you were right to vote for Bernie in the primaries! It’s true that the corporate centrist democrats and the racist republicans put us in this horrible position.

If you wanted to have hope months ago that Jill Stein had a chance, that’s fine and even good, but not now. Polls are not 100% right, but they can be trusted to a degree, and Jill Stein will NOT win this election. There are the issues and there is strategy. Now is the time for strategy. If you’re serious about supporting the Green Party, make a vow for the next 4 years, and start on November 9th.

Hillary is a corporatist, but Trump is a new level of danger to our democracy. He talks like every dictator rising to power. So, don’t be surprised when he starts arresting journalists, because he said he would. He will resort to violence. He said he would. Dictators are idiots, who don’t know how to govern rationally. They are good at rallying crowds and rolling back rights, but not even Trump understands how bad he will be in office. But, those of us who know what dictators sound like, are fully aware of the danger. The famous last words of people who elect tyrants, “We never thought it could get that bad.”

So, if you are in anything remotely resembling a swing state, and you don’t vote against Trump by voting for Hillary, you are flirting with the worst case scenario. Progressives, we have to be humble. We lost this one. The question on the 8th is, how badly do we want to lose. Trump is a loss we may never come back from. You can disagree with Jill Stein on one thing. Make sure Trump doesn’t win. Join Jill Stein and the Green Party on the 9th and do the hard work of fighting for the next four years, or hopefully, for the rest of our lives, in an environment in which we are able to fight.

Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

● Hillary Will Lose!

● Hillary Will Lose!
     . . .  
Hillary Clinton will lose in November, if the DNC continues to dismiss progressives.

Jill Stein vs. Ben Jealous: . . . 

Democracy Now!
Hillary Will Lose!

Hillary Clinton will lose in November, if the DNC continues to dismiss progressives.  In light of the 20,000 emails released Friday, July 22nd, by WikiLeaks, it’s clear that the Democratic Party worked behind the scenes to give Hillary an unfair advantage by fabricating lies in an attempt to discredit and defeat Bernie Sanders.  The Democratic Party was perfectly aware of all the polls showing that Bernie Sanders was their best chance at beating Trump, and still they worked to sabotage the Sanders campaign.  They decided that corporate interests are more important than winning the presidency and reforming the party. 

So, when she loses, don’t blame progressives, the very people she and the party have worked to undermine.  Don’t blame Bernie, when he was the party’s best chance of winning.  Blame the DNC for their poor judgement, deceitful actions, and for refusing to support real democratic policies.  If you have to blame a segment of the population, blame the centrists she’s pandering towards, for not being swayed.  It makes little sense to blame those who she and the party have continually dismissed.  If she wanted Bernie supporters, she could’ve picked him as her running mate.  If she wanted progressive votes, she could’ve at least picked Elizabeth Warren.  But, she went the other way, despite all the polling and all the momentum of the movement. 

It’s incredibly naive to think that Hillary will deviate from her warmongering, climate-devastating, anti-labor, pro-corporate-welfare agenda.  It’s a fantasy to think that centrists will put any pressure on her.  Therefore, it’s solely up to progressives, knowing she won’t budge if she thinks she has our vote.  So, she doesn’t have our vote.  The ball's in her court, but she seems to not want to serve. 

Bernie Sanders didn’t go too long, he gave up too soon.  He could have, and should have taken Jill Stein’s offer to continue the movement with the Green Party.  This is a movement, not of a person, but of the public, driven by principled policy positions.  As Sanders steps down, Stein steps up.  Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are splitting the vote on the right.  With still months to go, this is not the time to ask the Green Party (the only real opposition party) to back down.  Al Gore lost in 2000 because he refused to work with Ralph Nader and the Green Party.  Gore pandered to the right, took on a conservative running mate, and refused to take on progressive policies that poll well with the public.  We have to stop blaming people with principled positions.  Nader was not a spoiler, he offered to work with Gore, and Gore refused.  Democrats have to learn that opposing progressives is a losing strategy.  And, they have to learn that before November, or they will lose. 

Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist

DNC emails 
Draw The Line - - -

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

● The Young Turks

The Young Turks
     Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian 
The Young Turks (TYT) is an American political news network and commentary web series hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian.

TYT  Mainstream Media Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties 

TYT The Young Turks Network and The Young Turks on YouTube is currently the largest online news network in the world.
TYT Politics with Jordan Chariton

Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth.

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Think Outside the Fox ϟ

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● The Corporation

The Corporation 
by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, & Joel Bakan
The Corporation - 10th Anniversary Cut from Cinema Politica on Vimeo

This thought provoking, witty, stylish and sweepingly informative film, explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution of our time. Part film and part movement, The Corporation is transforming audiences and dazzling critics with its insightful and compelling analysis. Taking its status as a legal "person" to the logical conclusion, the film puts the corporation on the psychiatrist's couch to ask "What kind of person is it?" The Corporation includes interviews with 40 corporate insiders and critics - including Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Milton Friedman, Howard Zinn, Vandana Shiva and Michael Moore - plus true confessions, case studies and strategies for change. // Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott, Canada, 2003, 145' // Half of all proceeds from the rental of this video go directly to the artist, and half go to support the work of Cinema Politica. To find out more about our work, visit: .

 ● ● ●

Another great documentary by Mark Achbar, is the film Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media, based on the Edward Herman / Noam Chomsky book titled Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, which also explores the propaganda model of the corporate media.

☼ "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" -George Orwell ☯

Think Outside the Fox ϟ

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

● NYC, You've Failed Us!


NYC, You've Failed Us! 

New York City, you’ve disappointed your own state and the nation, if not the world. Now, the cities in New York state are more conservative and less informed than the rest of the state? New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester failed Tuesday.

Hillary is the most hawkish candidate, even more than Trump or Cruz. Her record is clear. She is a warmongering corporate politician who is against progressive policies. You can’t both claim to be liberal and simultaneously support Hillary. Yes, she can be effective and get the job done for her donors, but not for the public.

Throughout her career she has been wrong. While Bernie marched with Martin Luther King Jr., she campaigned for Goldwater. She has campaigned for some of the worst policy decisions since Jim Crow. From mass incarceration, the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, to NAFTA, she has been wrong and behind. She only came out for gay marriage after it became embarrassing for her not to. She has been wrong or behind on the issues throughout her career. She’s not a leader.

All the polls show Bernie as being more electable nationally. So, even in terms of strategy, it’s a fail.

Sure, voting for Hillary is understandable when you have no other choice. But, this time we had another choice, and we failed.

New York Primary Results
How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary

Draw The Line in 2016
Between Public & Private Representatives


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