Tuesday, November 4, 2008



We've supported Obama throughout his campaign with very little criticism. If the Republicans steal the election again, we are in for some pretty scary times. ...just waiting for the results. Once Obama wins we (his supporters) must be ready to give him his mandate, because if we don't the war machine / multinationals will. Obama cannot do it alone.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower's exit speech warning us

Although he gained support early on in his campaign for speaking out against the war, Barack Obama is not exactly anti-war anymore, but pressure from his supporters can bring him back to his more rational solutions. But then, also, after his (shameless) support for the bailout, he began doing something quite remarkable, as Naomi Klein points out...

Barack Obama is responding to the market crisis by turning his campaign into a referendum on Friedmanism (although he might not call it that). He’s saying that essentially what we’re seeing on Wall Street is the culmination of an ideology, of deregulation and trickle-down economics, that has failed. And what’s interesting is that the more he says that, the higher his ratings go in the polls. -Naomi Klein . . .

His ratings went up because he was speaking the truth to the people and it was resonating in our ears, and we responded with a resounding yes we will!...

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