Friday, July 7, 2017

● Happy 10th, uResist !

Happy 10th Anniversary, uResist ! 🌎
Ten years of resisting corporate
tyranny, while creating non-corporate logos, and providing progressive apparel for the ongoing resistance. THANK YOU! to all who have supported uResist this past decade! We've come a long way, and we have an even longer way to go!
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The corporate form has evolved into something quite different from it’s beginnings. Corporations originally were required to serve the public good. continue reading... 

An interview with Kurt Riebel of uResist on the
Dumb All Over podcast [ep.15].
Dumb All Over, the perfect name for a podcast at the dawn (and hopefully soon to be the dusk) of Trumpism. Best taken with their choice of craft beer. 🍺
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Interview with Kurt Riebel [Episode 015]
Published May 05, 2017 HELPLESSLY HOPING
full episode with Kurt Riebel of uResist
Beer during interview:
 πŸΊ Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA [ May 01, 2017]
Blog Talk Radio
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uResist (founded in 2007) has advocated and fought for worker's rights, consumer rights, human rights, the 99%, climate justice, economic justice, democracy, and peace. ...and, is aligned with Occupy Wall Street and democratic-socialism ☮ ☞ ☮  View our graphics and apparel at shop.uResist
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Our slogan "WEAR YOUR RESISTANCE . . . and be a conversation piece for peace" is more than just a catchphrase. The meaning behind it just might be vital to democracy and freedom. When you make a choice between free advertising for corporate rule or making your political stance a part of your everyday life, this is no insignificant matter. The choice between wearing a big business corporate logo or a conversation piece for restoring our liberties, can be vital to the direction of society. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising and subtle reminders to buy products. Big business knows the importance of advertising. So, we believe, that we can all use this same philosophy of using subtle or bold reminders on our clothing, on our bodies to promote peace and social justice, to resist corporate rule and restore a working democracy. ☮
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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist  

#PeacefulProtest #LoveTrumpsHate #ResistCorporateTyranny #Resist @uResist

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