Tuesday, November 15, 2016

● Who To Blame for Trump


#WhoToBlame #2016

Who To Blame for Trump: in order . . .
  1. GOP & the donor class - obviously
  2. The Corporate Media - for its corporate bias
  3. Republican Voters - obviously
  4. liberal non-voters - for masking laziness with self-righteousness *
  5. conservative non-voters - for having opinions
  6. The DNC - for sabotaging their best candidate
  7. Centrist Democratic Voters in the primaries - for ignoring the issues, strategy, and what it means to be liberal
  8. conservative 3rd party voters - for voting while not believing in it
  9. liberal 3rd party voters (in swing states) - for feeling good about doing nothing to stop this tragedy on the one day they could’ve done something
  10. ourselves - for not doing enough
* If you’re in a non-swing-state, that’s
  understandable. But, a Green Party
  vote, in that case, would make more
  of a statement, than doing nothing.
* If you don't believe in voting, you're

Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist

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