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● Hillary Will Lose!

● Hillary Will Lose!
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Hillary Clinton will lose in November, if the DNC continues to dismiss progressives.

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Hillary Will Lose!

Hillary Clinton will lose in November, if the DNC continues to dismiss progressives.  In light of the 20,000 emails released Friday, July 22nd, by WikiLeaks, it’s clear that the Democratic Party worked behind the scenes to give Hillary an unfair advantage by fabricating lies in an attempt to discredit and defeat Bernie Sanders.  The Democratic Party was perfectly aware of all the polls showing that Bernie Sanders was their best chance at beating Trump, and still they worked to sabotage the Sanders campaign.  They decided that corporate interests are more important than winning the presidency and reforming the party. 

So, when she loses, don’t blame progressives, the very people she and the party have worked to undermine.  Don’t blame Bernie, when he was the party’s best chance of winning.  Blame the DNC for their poor judgement, deceitful actions, and for refusing to support real democratic policies.  If you have to blame a segment of the population, blame the centrists she’s pandering towards, for not being swayed.  It makes little sense to blame those who she and the party have continually dismissed.  If she wanted Bernie supporters, she could’ve picked him as her running mate.  If she wanted progressive votes, she could’ve at least picked Elizabeth Warren.  But, she went the other way, despite all the polling and all the momentum of the movement. 

It’s incredibly naive to think that Hillary will deviate from her warmongering, climate-devastating, anti-labor, pro-corporate-welfare agenda.  It’s a fantasy to think that centrists will put any pressure on her.  Therefore, it’s solely up to progressives, knowing she won’t budge if she thinks she has our vote.  So, she doesn’t have our vote.  The ball's in her court, but she seems to not want to serve. 

Bernie Sanders didn’t go too long, he gave up too soon.  He could have, and should have taken Jill Stein’s offer to continue the movement with the Green Party.  This is a movement, not of a person, but of the public, driven by principled policy positions.  As Sanders steps down, Stein steps up.  Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are splitting the vote on the right.  With still months to go, this is not the time to ask the Green Party (the only real opposition party) to back down.  Al Gore lost in 2000 because he refused to work with Ralph Nader and the Green Party.  Gore pandered to the right, took on a conservative running mate, and refused to take on progressive policies that poll well with the public.  We have to stop blaming people with principled positions.  Nader was not a spoiler, he offered to work with Gore, and Gore refused.  Democrats have to learn that opposing progressives is a losing strategy.  And, they have to learn that before November, or they will lose.
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Post by: Kurt Riebel: artist, activist

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