Tuesday, February 19, 2008

● Wal-Mart & Nike: Child Labor

Wal-Mart and Nike are leading the
way to lowering standards around the world.
Charles Kernaghan interviewed by Harold Channer

Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer
MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) NYC
Charles Kernaghan, Director of the National Labor Committee, an independent, non-profit human rights organization focused on the protection of worker rights (primarily in Central America, the Caribbean, China and other developing countries).
Charles Kernaghan - Air Date: 02-27-02
Kernaghan has led numerous fact-finding missions to Central America and the Caribbean to investigate working conditions in the free trade zones.

National Labor Committee is now
Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights
Tel:  (412) 562-2406 
Fax: (412) 562-2411
E-mail: inbox@glhr.org
Website: http://globallabourrights.org/about

He does not support boycotts (because workers in the developing world need their jobs) but argues for putting pressure on companies to respect the laws that are already in place. If the existing laws are observed; violations will have consequences, workers will have rights, they will be able to organize, and the levels of working conditions and wages will be raised.


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