Thursday, January 3, 2008

● Resident Bush's Last Day in Office Countdown Clock

residency |ˈrez(ə)dənsē; ˈrezəˌdensē|
noun ( pl. -cies)
• the fact of living in a place : a government ruling allowed the right to residency.
• a residential post held by a person.

resident |ˈrez(ə)dənt; ˈrezəˌdent|
a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.
• a bird, Bush, butterfly, or other animal of a species that does not migrate or travel abroad.
• a person who boards at a boarding school.
historical a British government agent in any semi-independent state, esp. the governor general's agent at the court of an Indian state.

living somewhere on a long-term basis : he has been resident in the White House for a long time.
• living at a school, office, or institution : resident students.
• (of a computer program, file, etc., such as, a virus implanted, spread on the DIEBOLD TOUCH-SCREEN VOTING MACHINES ) immediately available in computer memory, rather than having to be loaded from elsewhere.

residentship |-ˌ sh ip| noun ( historical).

ORIGIN Middle English : from Latin resident- ‘remaining,’ from the verb residere (see RESIDE ).



the residents of D.C. INHABITANT, local, citizen, native; townsfolk, townspeople; householder, homeowner, occupier, tenant; formal denizen.

1 is he currently resident in The White House? LIVING, residing, in residence; formal dwelling.
2 a resident governor LIVE-IN, living in.


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