Friday, December 7, 2007

● A B O U T:

I N C E P T I O N:
.......[. and . |kənˈsep sh ən| .]

is a company that has developed out of the growing global resistance movement. We aim to express an opinion resistant to power, outside their corporate media (propaganda machine) bias, and within the realm of truth.

As the global elite wreak their will upon the masses with their institutions of control (the World Bank, IMF, and the World Trade Organization), a global grassroots resistance movement is growing, made up of individuals, non-profit organizations, ethical small businesses, independent media, and a concerned citizenry.

A B O U T:

U:RESIST is a socially conscious clothing line and online store that creates and sells products and clothing that exhibit printed art, design, and information (messages, questions, and slogans) inspired or driven by the important issues (economic, social, and environmental) of our time. We are by no means perfect, but we are always taking steps to improve our vision and practice. In terms of ethical business practices, we are increasing the amount of sweatshop-free / eco-friendly manufacturing in our shop. Our vision comes out of an open minded attempt to continually achieve a more objective, factually based, unselfish point of view. This is the inspiration for our design and the force which drives our business. These are all of great importance to us, but above all, promoting positive political and social change is our priority.

The information that inspires our design is sometimes presented straightforwardly but very often abstracted, using humor, sarcasm, and personal intuition, creating unified conceptual statements, incorporating critical ideas into everyday attire and products. All designs are created or approved by the artist/designer Kurt Riebel. U:RESIST® uses a variety of high quality fabrics, materials, production, and printing techniques, from silkscreen, plot printing (flock & flex), to high quality digital printing.

U:RESIST® is concerned with promoting a message of resistance.

Resistance to:
  • corporate media propaganda
  • private control over public resources
  • and other abuses of power

Our policy of promoting change:

Change occurs in increments, and it is the direction of change that is of most importance. Unfortunately, between the first steps and the last we could all be considered hypocrites for engaging in contradictory behavior. This "all or nothing" attitude tends to stops change before it starts. The facts are that individuals and businesses do not change over night, and U:RESIST® along with the majority of the resistance movement realizes that the main focus be put on the direction and pace of change, more so than self-righteous condemnations.

Also, (not to minimize individual responsibility) we believe that those in power, at the top of the corporate hierarchy, with all the advantages and resources, have little or no excuse, and should be subject to harsher criticism than small businesses and individuals in the middle / lower income brackets, who are more victims than culprits of a corrupt system.

We believe that change will occur more quickly and effectively with an attempt to encourage positive efforts rather than overly criticizing the ill informed. For instance, rather than attacking people who feel they have to shop at Walmart, encourage them to call there congressman and vote to make unethical business practices illegal. Of course, redirecting people to better alternatives is certainly a good idea, but we believe (although consumer choice is very important) small businesses and ethical businesses will not be able to compete until certain business practices are made illegal and the public takes back the airwaves. Without an informed citizenry in the US we will certainly lose our liberities.

In order to resist corporate rule, we will most likely have to do it through the democratic process. Voting with your dollars can be effective sometimes, but it's not very democratic, as rich people have more votes. That is why we believe that the most important action U:RESIST® can make right now is through promoting awareness.

So make your resistance part of your everyday life.

We believe that our slogan "WEAR YOUR RESISTANCE" is much more than just a business catchphrase, that the meaning behind it is truly important and possibly vital to democracy and freedom. When you make a choice between free advertizing for corporate rule or making your political stance a part of your everyday life, this is no insignificant matter. The choice between wearing a big business corporate logo or a conversation piece for restoring our liberties can be vital to the direction of society. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising, millions on subtle reminders to buy products. Big business knows how important advertising is, so let us use this same philosophy to promote peace and social justice, to resist corporate rule and restore a working democracy.

Share your resistance by wearing your resistance.


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